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Westpoint Martial Arts Academy originated from a Martial Arts School, and has expanded to an After School Program & Activities facility with PasaRyu (a mixed Martial Arts style of Karate, Taekwondo and Kung-Fu), and Cheer & Girls Tumbling classes!  

Qualified Instructors


Owner and Chief Martial Arts Instructor, Tennille "Cheetah" Westpoint became a Lifetime Member at the PasaRyu Headquarters on April 4,1999 under Master Kang “Ox” Rhee who taught the King of 

Rock 'N' Roll singer, Elvis Presley and knew legendary 

Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris.

Our Mission


We understand the importance of seeking a healthier way of living, keeping track of the students’ progress in our After School Program, teaching private lessons to those who need additional assistance in our Martial Arts and Tumbling classes while developing a partnership with the parents to ensure growth, & confidence.